With good weather finally rolling in, the 2018 asphalt season is kicking off!

Throughout the months of March and April we heard from a lot of past and prospective customers who have been seeing great things on the horizon for the 2018 season. More town and state roads are being scheduled for repairs than in recent years and consumers are coming out of a slump where they put off having their driveways and parking lots fixed for some time now.

This means there is an abundance of work to be done all at once. Unfortunately, the weather has been fighting against contractors with snow late into the year and rain seemingly every other day over the past few weeks.

Now it looks like spring has arrived and their crews can get to doing what they do best!

One of our technicians recently returned from putting on a training session in a city in Texas and we’ve also been hearing from our dealers as they have been on the jobsites with contracting companies.

As is the case with spring, we are also fielding a significant increase of sales calls from companies who are just getting around to making their final decisions on purchases of equipment. While we’re excited to start building on every order we receive, we will also be swamped soon which can lead to longer build times and customers receiving their machines later and later into the start of the season.

Whether you’re thinking 2018 will be the year you get into infrared or you’re planning to replace a machine or add to your fleet, we’re ready to get the ball rolling to get you setup with the highest quality and most efficient infrared equipment available!


Photo Credit: BKBC Machinery, LLC & Precision Heavy Equipment Repair Services, LLC – Oak Ridge, NJ
Pictured is a crew using a Ray-Tech Mini Fusion walk behind joint heater and a Ray-Tech RC8000 4 ton trailer mounted reclaimer.