As fall slowly moves in on us, we are beginning to get into our typical busy season for production!

The months of September through April are usually our busiest in terms of the number of machines going out the door every month. Municipals like to order their reclaimer trailers to get out on the road for the fall and contractors are working to round out their season and prep for the next season.

With the uptick in road work and a major increase in equipment purchases in 2018, this coming fall and winter look to be possibly the best and busiest we’ve ever had! To get ready ourselves, we have begun to stock many common components to get a jump on incoming orders. We have also modified our production to facilitate quicker build times on some smaller models as well as allow us to work on some new upcoming models. Here are some highlights of our work:

  • Mini Tech and Mini Fusion models are all available with a one week shipping date. That means you place your order and we ship within seven days!
  • We have components built for both trailer and truck combo models. Typical build times run 5-7 weeks, but with these pre-built parts we can cut that down to 3-4 weeks. Don’t hold off too long though, because we do schedule orders on a first-come first-serve basis regardless of the model.
  • We are working on a new equipment line that will fit nicely into our existing model lineup. These models will be of interest to our entire existing customer base, both municipalities and contractors alike. Watch for an announcement towards the end of winter!
  • If you are considering a new purchase and have an existing Ray-Tech model you want to sell, contact us about using it as a trade in. We would be glad to check it out and at least get you a figure to work with.

Trucks are getting harder and harder to find with the boom in the economy.

If you are thinking about a TMV or truck mounted reclaimer, it is never too early to put in your order. As of this week, all the truck dealers we often work with are telling us new truck orders are pushed out until at least March of 2019 and some brands are out as far as July of 2019. Contact us today to get the required dimensions so you can lock in your truck now!