The Ray-Tech line of truck mounted reclaimers have been generating a lot of attention to start the year!

Truck mounted reclaimers have been the most popular choice so far in 2018. We started the year off with an order for a 12 ton (RC12-T) and since then we’ve taken orders for a 10 ton (RC10-T) and two 15 tons (RC15-T). At the same time, we’re working on at least four more 8+ ton setups for various customers across the United States.

The market for these units started in Boston, MA years ago with utility contractors. They’re perfect for carrying a large volume of mix to various jobsites while keeping the asphalt hot and workable. Since then, we’ve expanded the market into numerous cities throughout the country.

Our truck mounted reclaimers are available in one ton increments ranging from 2 all the way to 15 tons. We build them from scratch in-house and then either mount the hydraulic dump hoist ourselves or send them to one of three New England based truck body fitters.

We’ve also seen an increase in sales of these units to asphalt plants. Plants have caught on to the idea of either renting these trucks out to their customers OR charging for the service of delivering hot material directly to their customers’ jobsites.

These units pay for themselves quite quickly and they can be configured with multiple options as well to give the operator all the tools they need throughout their day.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of these models. We would be glad to supply you with pricing as well as truck layouts based on various model and option configurations!