Wesley E Van Velsor • Vice President • wes@raytechinfrared.com

Ray-Tech has seen growth in sales throughout 2017! 

Due to a combination of using new advertising methods and developing new dealerships, Ray-Tech’s market has expanded even further across the United States this past year. We are receiving emails and taking calls from all corners of the country and many are turning into equipment sales. The biggest trends we’ve seen lately have been towards walk behind Mini Tech heaters, truck mounted reclaimers and combination trailers like the Mini Combo.

This expansion has made it necessary to hire on more employees and we have recently added more welders and assembly techs to help the production process move along smoothly.

With a number of orders on the floor, we are now looking forward to a busy winter and spring. If you’re considering adding a machine to your fleet, now is the time to get scheduled in. By February our build times are typically 6+ weeks so ordering now can get you a spot to ensure you have your machine by the beginning of next year’s season!