Our market continues to expand in the South!

Infrared equipment has been popular in Northern states for years, but over the last couple years we have seen a quick increase in sales to Southern states like Virginia, Florida and Texas. We credit this to those states looking for more efficient repair methods as well as a larger marketing push on our part to raise awareness of this technology across the entire United States.

Last month we sent one of our technicians to the City of Georgetown, TX to train their personnel on the use of their new 2018 4 Ton Combo!

After spending a couple days working with their crew, we received some great working pictures showing some of the jobsites they trained on. We always appreciate getting these pictures sent to us by happy customers and we hope the City gets years and years of valuable use out of their new machine!

If you are a municipal official who has considered getting an infrared machine to help with your roadways, give us a call today to discuss which model might be the best fit for your specific needs!


Photo Credit: The City of Georgetown, TX
The Ray-Tech Infrared equipment being used is a 2018 4 Ton Combo which features a 4 Ton Reclaimer and a 6’L x 8’W Infrared Heating Chamber combined on a dual axle trailer.