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About Ray-Tech Infrared

Operating out of Charlestown, New Hampshire, Ray-Tech Infrared has sold to and supported customers across the United States and the world since 1989. Our customers include private contractors, utility companies, property managers and every type of municipal, state and federal agency.

The Ray-Tech Infrared product line includes walk behind heaters, trailer mounted combination units, truck mounted reclaimers and truck and trailer mounted all-in-one type maintenance vehicles that can be used on virtually any jobsite. We also offer several models of joint heating machines as well as heaters being used by aggregate plants to heat and dry their various materials.

Keep the equipment simple and easy to operate while at the same time allowing the user to carry out permanent, high quality repairs.

The Ray-Tech Infrared Advantage

  • Easy to operate (we keep the user in mind during design and production)
  • Fastest and most even heats (6-8 minute average)
  • High quality equipment build and parts
  • Complete and even reclaiming (tested as low as -30°F)
  • Factory direct or dealer sales nationwide
  • Factory technician troubleshooting available (1-800-884-2072)
  • Leasing Options Available
  • Green Technology – Equipment runs on clean burning propane fuel
  • Industry unique Performance Guarantee:
    • Pavement Heater: The asphalt pavement will attain a 220°F minimum temperature at 2″ depth, with 400°F maximum temperature at the surface, within 6 to 8 minutes of heating time, at a 50°F ambient day and standard asphalt mix design.
    • Asphalt Reclaimer: The asphalt will attain a 270°F minimum average mix temperature after twelve (12) hours of heating time, at a 50°F ambient temperature day, using broken asphalt of standard mix design.

If you are not attaining these type of results from the Infrared
Equipment you are presently using, we want to talk to you today!