The 2019 paving and repair season is in full swing and we have had one of our busiest spring seasons yet!

Every welding bay and our two assembly bays have been full since January and we don’t see a break coming anytime soon. Just this spring alone, we have built almost one of every model we offer including walk behind heaters, reclaimer trailers, combination trailers, joint heaters, truck mount reclaimers and TMV’s.

Highlights of this spring are a bright red 4 ton TMV for a contractor in Minnesota, two joint heaters for a paver in Alaska and eight blue Mini Tech Xtend’s for a customer in Malaysia. It’s safe to say Infrared has become a process known and desired worldwide! 

Moving forward in 2019 we anticipate signing on new dealers in key areas of the United States to provide local sales and service options to a number of new and existing contractors and municipalities. Keep an eye on our dealers page and blog posts for these coming announcements!