Introducing our brand new line of trailer mounted reclaimers!

While 2020 was a dismal year for the economy overall, we refused to lay low and instead devoted our time to developing and producing a brand new line of machines.

INTRODUCING the HeatWave line of trailer mounted reclaimers!

We have taken our existing 2 and 4 ton capacity asphalt reclaimers and reworked our trailer concept to offer four different HeatWave models to cover the range of customers that we cater to.

• The HeatWave WorkHorse and the HeatWave GovSpec feature a 2 and 4 ton reclaimer, respectively, and 87″ x 82″ of empty deck space. Railing around the front of the trailer allows for mounting of various tools while two fold up aluminum ramps allow the user to load even more tools onto the empty deck. This model comes in either propane or diesel fired configurations and there are several options to choose from.

• The HeatWave WorkHorse PRO and the HeatWave GovSpec PRO are the ultimate jobsite warriors. They are identical to their non-PRO counterparts PLUS they include a 24V Mini Tech walk behind infrared heater that will be stored on the deck space in front of the reclaimer. These two models are available as propane fueled (Mini Tech can only run on propane) and there are several options available for these models as well.

The options available for all four of these models are very simple as well as cost effective. First, the reclaimers can be fitted with a hydraulic dual-piston dumping setup to facilitate dumping to the rear of the trailer. Second, you can choose to add a Hand Tool Package to get a fully loaded machine with a rake, lute, broom, wheelbarrow, shovel, tamper, cones, etc. Finally, a Mini Tech upgrade is available for the walk behind heater on the PRO models to increase the heater size.


Starting September 1st, 2021, we are offering these new models on a limited time pre-order basis for delivery in December and January. For those looking to get one of these machines, this is the perfect opportunity to get your unit ordered and take advantage of some great deals and savings while doing so! Details of the sale are as follows: