Jeff LeClair • Senior Business Development Manager •



Infrared asphalt equipment yields higher ROI per crew, machine, repair time, and material costs. Infrared repairs are superior to other methods because they are permanent with hot material seams. The volume of repairs completed per day means the public has access quicker while municipalities retain better roadways.

There is a competitive advantage of offering infrared over other methods. A 2-person infrared crew using Ray-Tech equipment can complete a typical repair up to 45 sq. ft. in less than 15 minutes. The average waste could be 10% with the addition of about 20% of new material. The entire asphalt repair area is heated and worked with a seam that is hot on both sides. The repair is permanent unless there is an aggregate problem below the pavement itself.

Other methods are extremely costly and slow or simply temporary fixes.

New infrared contractors are usually connected to municipal clients and prospective customers who would benefit from infrared services. Having a more diverse mix of services increases sales. In addition, many new infrared contractors have employees they could direct toward infrared work.

Infrared repair outcomes are superior because they are heated to create a seamless thermal bond with the surrounding asphalt and won’t ravel like other methods. This means water and dirt cannot enter the crevices around the repair area to freeze or separate the repair. Contractors can find work throughout the winter repairing pot holes emergency projects.

For less than $45k of Ray-Tech equipment, infrared repair can be added to your portfolio of services to grow your company and its profit.