Paver Mounted Joint Heaters

Fusion PM (Paver Mount)

The Ray-Tech Fusion PM is a 15″W x 12’L heating chamber configured to mount to the side of a paver.

The Fusion PM features a 12’L x 15″W heater with one single 115V blower motor configured to attach to the side of a paver. A separate fuel deck contains six 30 lb propane cylinders and is also configured to mount on the paver. Power is supplied by either the paver or by a customer supplied generator.


  • One 115V blower motor.
  • Fully automatic ignition and heat sensing operation controls.
  • Completely stainless steel heating chamber.
  • Adjustable jacks to control height of heater.
  • Ray-Tech unique heating converters for fastest and most efficient heating.
  • Six 30 lb propane cylinders.
  • Length: 13’ 6″
  • Width: 21″
  • Height: 38”
  • Chamber Length: 12′ 0″
  • Chamber Width: 15″
  • Weight Chamber: 395 lbs
  • Weight Fuel Deck (Empty): 100 lbs
  • Weight Fuel Deck (w/ Propane): 280 lbs