Tractor Mounted Heaters

Tech 78

The Ray-Tech Tech 78 features a 6’L x 13’W tri-fold heating chamber configured to mount on a tractor or skid-steer loader.

The Tech 78 consists of two separate components. The first is a 6’L x 13’W tri-fold heating chamber that is mounted on a universal tractor plate to attach to the front of the vehicle. The second is the power deck which features the batteries, charging system and fuel and mounts to the rear of the vehicle. Both components are connected via quick connect gas lines and wiring. This machine is perfect for large repairs or utility work where heating trenches across lanes is necessary.


  • Three 24V blower motors.
  • Power deck with batteries, chargers and all controls.
  • Completely stainless steel heating chamber.
  • Ray-Tech unique heating converters for fastest and most efficient heating.
  • Six 60 lb propane cylinders.
  • Easy lighting by turning on the blower motor and touching a torch to the converters.
  • Chamber Length: 6′
  • Chamber Width: 13’
  • Power Deck Length: 2′ 4″
  • Power Deck Width: 3′ 6″
  • Chamber Weight: 1,500 lbs
  • Power Deck Weight (Empty): 1,070 lbs
  • Power Deck Weight (w/ Propane): 1,430 lbs