Duval Asphalt of Florida recently purchased and took delivery of a Ray-Tech Agg/RAP conveyor system!

This unit consists of 40 ft of infrared heaters on a 50 ft conveyor system and was used to test a variety of aggregate materials for raising temperature and reducing moisture through penetrating infrared rays.

The system is fueled by propane or natural gas while length and width is determined by the material, it’s TPH and goals of the user. The heaters create 1875°F in Inconel grids which produce deep penetrating reflective infrared rays to penetrate passing material.

Mixers may be added to turn material that are light in color as infrared is absorbed by dark colors more than light or white colors. Dropping material from belt to belt will also help turn material and reduce moisture more effectively as the material heats up.

Ray-Tech can quickly give preliminary information on most materials from its database of tests as well as testing a sample as small as 1 gallon. In 2020, Ray-Tech will build a new demo system to provide precise data to customers. While there is a cost to this service, the customer will have an estimate of cost, footprint and equipment needed to meets its requirement.

Currently, Ray-Tech systems are being used by asphalt plants, and aggregate companies. Systems are in operation in the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest with interest worldwide.