RC 4000


The Ray-Tech RC4000 is the smallest of our line of Reclaimer units. It is a trailer mounted unit that can reclaim used asphalt to a workable temperature and consistency within 16 hours.

The RC4000 features a well insulated and vented steel box capable of holding, storing and reclaiming two tons of new or used asphalt. It is fuel efficient, thermostatically controlled and runs off of two 100 LB propane tanks which feed its two infrared burners. 


This is a great unit for municipalities and contractors alike and works great when paired with a Ray-Tech Infrared pavement heater unit. Its controls are simple to understand and operate and it provides enough carrying capacity for many small jobs. You may also choose to include one or more of the many available options we offer such as a compactor platform with our heavy duty electric winch, Time Delay System (TDS) or a liquid asphalt storage container. 



Available Configurations:
• Truck Mount (TM)
• Chassis Mount/Side Unload (CM/S)
• Chassis Mount/Dump (CM/D)
• Trailer Mount Hydraulic Dump



• Use all your material rather than have it turn cold on your truck.

• Save time not having to wait at the asphalt plant.

• Stockpile new or used plant mix for winter patching.



Ray-Tech Exclusive Features:


• Most Efficient Converter System

• Unique Hopper Construction

• Heavy-Duty Electric Winches

• Year-Round Repairs

• Long Life Blower Motors

• Industry Leading Warranties

• Exclusive Performance Guaranty

• Industry Fastest and Most Even Heats  

• Ease of Use and Efficient, Effective Repairs!


We will work with you to make sure the unit you get fits your job requirements!


Ray-Tech Infrared is THE Choice in Asphalt Restoration!



RC4000 Product Info (PDF)



RC4000 Manual (PDF)