Mini Combo

        The Ray-Tech Mini Combo is the perfect starter unit for any Infrared Restoration crew. It is very easy to maneuver and provides a Reclaimer and Pavement Heater on one trailer.

The Mini Combo consists of a 2 ton Reclaimer capable of storing and heating new and used asphalt at an ideal working temperature. Behind the Reclaimer is an 8'x6' heating chamber consisting of several rows of our infrared converters to provide an even heat over your working surface.


This is an excellent starter unit and our most popular overall. It takes just two workers to operate and provides the ability to make permanent, high quality repairs. You may also choose to include one or more of the many available options we offer such as a compactor platform with our heavy duty electric winch, Time Delay System (TDS), 12-Volt lighting or aluminum windguards for use on windy work days. 


Available in 2 or 4 Ton Reclaimer Configurations
(4 Ton known as a Ray-Tech "Combo")



Ray-Tech Exclusive Features:


• Most Efficient Converter System

• Unique Hopper Construction

• Heavy-Duty Electric Winches

• Year-Round Repairs

• Long Life Blower Motors

• Industry Leading Warranties

• Exclusive Performance Guaranty

• Industry Fastest and Most Even Heats  

• Ease of Use and Efficient, Effective Repairs!


We will work with you to make sure the unit you get fits your job requirements!


Ray-Tech Infrared is THE Choice in Asphalt Restoration!



2 Ton Mini Combo    Product Info (PDF)

4 Ton Combo    Product Info (PDF)



2 Ton Mini Combo Manual (PDF)

4 Ton Combo Manual (PDF)