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 July 11, 2017

"Machine Of The Week" and News Source Change

We are moving our news updates over to our Facebook page from now on to help reach everyone who may be interested! LIKE our page to keep up to date with what's going on and to follow our "Machine Of The Week" posts. In the coming months, we also plan on running some giveaways and specials, so make sure to follow us there as well to get involved! Clicking the picture below will bring you right to our page.



May 16, 2017

Southern Expansion

Three machines are headed out of the shop this week and they are going to new customers in North Carolina and Florida. We are glad to see more and more interest in infrared asphalt maintenance coming from the Southern part of the United States lately and we are expecting this to continue in the coming years.



The first machine is a modified Tech 48. The standard Tech 48 is a 6'L x 8'W infrared heating chamber mounted on a single axle trailer. It comes complete with propane tanks and batteries to be charged overnight and run all day long. This modified Tech 48 features both batteries and a motor on board to charge them. The benefit of this setup is an extended workday for those who work through the night. It also eliminates the need to be charged overnight.

The second machine is a Mini Tech Xtend. This is a walk behind 42"L x 78"W infrared heating chamber complete with a blower motor and outlet to be plugged into a 115V generator. This size unit is great for driveways but is also helpful with parking lots and new paving touch up work because of its easy maneuverability.

The third unit is a Mini Combo which features a 6'L x 8'W infrared heating chamber and a two ton reclaimer box all mounted on a dual axle trailer. This specific unit has been fit with Whelen Pioneer LED work lights and an Arrow Stik light bar as well as a roller cradle and winch up front. This should prove to be a very productive machine for the operator since everything he would need is on board!

If you have given any thought to adding infrared asphalt repair to your list of services, give Wes a call at 1-800-884-2072. He would be glad to go over each machine's capabilities and options to recommend the most fitting equipment for your operations!



March 23, 2017

Off To A Great Start!

The industry attitude looked good at the National Pavement Expo this year and it has shown in the uptick in equipment purchases this year so far. We are currently working on a number of orders ranging from a couple Mini Tech walk behind machines to a yet to be unveiled LARGE truck mounted reclaimer!

Our build times are still looking good so if your company is considering a new machine, now is the time to get scheduled for production. 

The most recent machines to leave the lot have been a complete 4 Ton TMV to a long time customer as well as a dumping 4 Ton RC8000 to a new municipal customer in Pennsylvania. We're anticipating a great year and we hope our customers are as successful as they can be this year in their various projects!



November 11, 2016

Upcoming Trade Show

Ray-Tech will be attending the National Pavement Expo in Nashville, TN this year and we invite everyone to stop by our booth to catch up on our newest equipment developments.

The show will be held at the Music City Center from February 1 - 4, 2017 . We will be in Booth # 1135.



September 29, 2016

Summer of Custom Builds!


The summer of 2016 saw some common and popular model builds like our RC16000, Tech 48 and Tech 78, but overall we ran into a number of custom machine orders. From dumping reclaimers with walk behind heater attachments to roll-off reclaimers and all kinds of custom options, we've had fun working with customers to tailor-make machines to fit their jobsite needs! 

As we roll into fall we are looking forward to hearing from more contractors and municipalities who are thinking about adding infrared equipment to their fleets for the coming year. If this is you and your company, give us a call or shoot us an email and we would be happy to discuss options with you. You can also always reach us through our contact page


February 12, 2016

Company President, Wes Van Velsor, inducted into the Pavement Hall Of Fame!


Ray-Tech Infrared President Wes Van Velsor was awarded a Pavement Hall Of Fame Honor during the opening night of the 2016 National Pavement Expo in Charlotte, NC on January 27th. Wes was not at the show but was very happy to have been chosen and appreciated the recognition of the time and effort he has put into the infrared industry since he satrted over 30 years ago. The above photos are of Wes (left) and Wes' grandson Wesley accepting the award on his behalf (right) from Pavement Magazine publisher Amy Schwandt and editor Allan Heydorn.


January 5, 2016

Upcoming Trade Shows

Ray-Tech will be attending two trade shows this year and we invite everyone to stop by our booths to catch up on our newest equipment developments.


The first show will be the National Pavement Expo in Charlotte, NC from January 27 - 29. We will be in Booth # 813.


The second show will be the World Of Asphalt / AGG 1 in Nashville, TN from March 22 - 24. We will be in Booth # 3422.



December 15, 2015

2015: A Year Of Upgrades!

We have slacked off on news updates this year, but 2015 has proven to be a very busy year with lots of improvements and upgrades going on at Ray-Tech!

In April we purchased and installed a brand new CNC press brake to enhance our production abilities. In December we followed that up by purchasing and installing a new shear so that the cutting and bending end of our shop is more efficient than it has been in years!

On the equipment end, we've made some big changes to existing equipment models. We now offer a 24 volt self-contained option for our Mini Tech walk behind heaters. We have also converted all of our heating chambers (any model) to being constructed completely of stainless steel. Many improvements were also made to our AGG/RAP heating system to give the user a reliable and easy operating experience. We do have one of these systems set up at our facility if you would like us to test any of your materials.

We have also developed and produced our largest unit to date. The RC20000D is a ten ton dumping reclaimer that mounts on the back of a truck chassis. This, like our eight ton RC16000D model, can also be fitted with numerous options. The ability to carry this extra asphalt could make an enormous impact to your company's bottom dollar! Pictures of this unit will be posted in the near future.

We will follow up this post shortly with information on our coming displays at both the National Pavement Expo and World Of Asphalt in January and February, respectively. In the meantime, we welcome you to reach out to us with any questions or ideas on any of our equipment or operations! 



March 13, 2015

World Of Asphalt / AGG1

Stop by Booth 1804 at this year's World Of Asphalt / AGG1 show in Baltimore March 17th-19th. We will be exhibiting our AGG/RAP Heating system model unit as well as our Joint Heater Preheater. This year we will also have our new Mini 2 Ton TMV mounted on a Ford F550 chassis! This unit drew lots of attention at National Pavement Expo '15 this year and we have been taking sales calls on it daily ever since!

Stop in and say hi and we'll be glad to talk infrared with you!  


January 13, 2015

Big Things Are Coming in 2015


October 24, 2014

Mark Your Calendars!

Ray-Tech Infrared will be exhibiting in two shows this year. The first will be the National Pavement Expo in Nashville, TN where we plan on featuring our 4 Ton Total Maintenance Vehicle (TMV) as well as a brand new surprise model! Don't miss this show that caters specifically to the asphalt repair and maintenance industries:

January 28 - 31, 2015
Music City Center   -   Nashville, TN
Booth # 653


The second show will be the World Of Asphalt in Baltimore, MD. This show is a must-see with countless booths and displays covering industries from asphalt production to paving to maintenance in every form. We plan on having a booth featuring our AGG/RAP Preheating system as well as our Joint Heating System. We may very well showcase the new model from NPE there too:

Booth # 1804




June 3, 2014

Big Project Completed

Custom builds are our specialty and this truck was the perfect example. A 6 Ton TMV with hydraulic everything and a 110 volt generator system kept the guys busy for a bit. This unit featured a hydraulically operated chamber as well as hydraulic top doors, shovel doors and dumping bin. The result was a machine with some extras we've never done before but that everyone here at Ray-Tech was proud to send to a customer.

If you are interested in Infrared, give us a call and don't be afraid to ask about things we may not usually build. The goal is to get you a machine that fits your company and jobsites! 


May 21, 2014

New Dealership & Trade Show!

Ray-Tech Infrared Corp. is proud to announce that Wood's CRW of New Hampshire is now a Ray-Tech authorized dealer of our equipment! This company has years of experience in selling and servicing paving equipment and we both think Ray-Tech Infrared's line of Infrared Asphalt Repair and Maintenance equipment is the perfect addition to their already top quality line of brands carried. They will now be the source for our equipment throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Also, we are attending the 27th Annual Mountain of Demonstrations show at the Mount Sunapee Resort in Newbury, NH tomorrow (May 22nd) and will be showcasing our newest addition, the 3 Ton RC6000 Reclaimer/Hot Box. Look for us in the Wood's CRW booth!



April 25, 2014

Shipped Equipment

A Mini Combo unit was just shipped out this morning bound for Wisconsin. This machine features a 2 Ton Reclaimer and a 6' x 8' Heating Chamber.


April 18, 2014

Combination Heater/Reclaimer Units



Our Combination units are by far the most popular, especially this spring it seems. Ranging from a 4 Ton trailer mount Combo (pictured above - not yet assembled) to our 6 Ton truck mount TMV (one in production at the moment), combination units allow the user to heat and work asphalt surfaces while carrying new material with them.


April 9, 2014

TMV Completion

This is the 3 Ton TMV that will be finished and leaving for Smartfix in Canada tomorrow! This unit features a 3 Ton Asphalt Reclaimer/Storage Hotbox and a 6' x 8' Infrared Asphalt Heating Chamber.


April 4, 2014

New Page Published!

Check out our new "How-To" page. We've had a lot of requests this month for information on how to actually perform an infrared repair, so we made a step by step guide to help out. The guide lays out the most important steps to a correct and true infrared asphalt repair. It also includes the list of basic tools every infrared user should have on board.


March 31, 2014

Rough Winter? Think Infrared!

There's no question this winter has taken its toll on roads everywhere. We've heard from contractors, towns, cities, counties and states from all over the United States and Canada in the last month as they prep for the load of repair work ahead. We are also seeing an upswing in purchases of equipment which we take as a good sign for the economy after several tough years.

While we realize it can be hard justifying a large purchase when many people are still nervous about their financial state, we would like to help you make the case for infrared to be used even more throughout the country. From its environmentally green nature to its ability to make a permanent repair and the fact that it can be a proven moneymaker with the right attitude and effort, this equipment may very well be the future of your company or municipal work. We are in the office 8 - 4:30 on weekdays and we encourage you to give us a call at 1-800-884-2072 to talk about what this equipment could do for you. If you have no idea what Infrared is, we have more than enough information to help you learn!


Another TMV deck in the paint booth. It will soon be part of a 3 Ton Total Maintenance Vehicle headed to our dealer, Smartfix Asphalt Infrared Repair, in Canada!


January 3, 2014

Happy New Year's!

We are looking forward to another successful year in 2014 and we wish every municipality and contractor the same in their businesses!

This year we have opted out of participating in the National Pavement Expo that will be taking place in Florida. We are currently focusing our efforts on our workload of truck mount Reclaimers and TMV units which are rapidly becoming the most sought after models of our equipment.

Although we won't be at the show, as always we will be happy to supply you with any information you request on our equipment and the infrared process!   


October 4, 2013


It has unfortunately come to our attention that another infrared manufacturer has begun taking trade-ins of our machines and reusing our parts, including our reclaimer boxes, on their new machine builds. It is disappointing that some people would stoop to trying to pass off our equipment as theirs simply by painting it their colors, putting their name on it and calling it a new machine. This seems to be an attempt to give themselves a better name by "producing" better performing and specifically better reclaiming equipment, however it is nothing but an underhanded move to benefit from our products and take advantage of their customers. 


April 9, 2013

AGG/RAP Heater System Demonstrations

Ray-Tech now has an AGG/RAP Heating System in operation for demonstrational and testing purposes. We are currently scheduling demonstration dates for the next few weeks. If you are interested in seeing this equipment in operation or having us run tests on a specific material, contact us for more information and we will be glad to arrange something.   


February 18, 2013

Coming Soon --- World Of Asphalt Trade Show!!!
(Booth 2845 - Look for the 'Green Machines'!)

Ray-Tech will be exhibiting several pieces of equipment at the 2013 World Of Asphalt in San Antonio, Texas. The show runs March 19 - 21 and will feature equipment and manufacturers from all over the asphalt production industry.

Ray-Tech's equipment will include the Joint Heating System which consists of both a pre-heater and a paver mount heater which allows the user to ensure better quality and more dense joints during their paving projects.

Another piece of equipment present will be Ray-Tech's AGG/RAP Heater system. This system features a Ray-Tech Infrared heating chamber mounted on a conveyor belt and allows for pre-heating and moisture removal of material prior to entering the plant. This unit can also be used for drying a variety of different materials efficiently and effectively.

If you would like more information on the show, you can find their website at For more information on Ray-Tech's equipment, you can contact us through our contact page!



December 27, 2012



Ray-Tech will be exhibiting at this year's National Pavement Expo in Nashville, TN!

The show runs from January 23rd through the 25th. We will have a couple machines and several Ray-Tech representatives in booth #617 so stop by and we will gladly talk with you about any and all of your Infrared Repair questions. 

We hope to see you there!

UPDATE: Ray-Tech had a good showing at National Pavement Expo this year. There is a very obvious trend in the growing of interest in the Infrared Repair Industry. We have spoken to quite a few contractors interested in starting up and they all repeat the fact that infrared looks to be the direction the asphalt repair industry is going. We're glad to hear it! 

If you have an interest in getting into the industry yourself, give us a call. We would be happy to discuss the process and equipment with you.



September 4, 2012

As of today, Ray-Tech Infrared Corp is proud to unveil our new website! We have redesigned our former website and added multiple features in hopes of better serving our expanding current and future customer base. With a more interactive view of our products and better ease of navigation through the site, we hope this helps you find everything you need. 

If you are interested in our equipment or need parts for a unit that you own, you can contact us through the Contact Us or Parts & Service pages, respectively.

We will be introducing Ray-Tech News here on a regular basis and would love to feature any current customers who have pictures or stories of their work with our equipment. 

As always, we hope to give you the most help we can while providing the best quality equipment we've come to be known for!